On the 7th Dec, I attended TedxEuston2013 and it was at this fantastic event we were told that Nigeria now has the 2nd highest rate of HIV after South Africa. ‘Crappy Doo’

According to a 2012 report , ‘Adolescents and HIV related behaviour in Nigeria’, sub-Sahara Africa is the region most affected by HIV/AIDS. In Nigeria, more than 3 million people are currently living with the virus. Only 30% of people requiring HIV treatment are on antiretroviral therapy. This is shocking.

I heard about the MTV series ‘Shuga’ and I have fallen in love with this entertaining, informative and educational MTV series which explores the serious issue of HIV/AIDS. The series are eye opening. Season one was seen in more than 48 sub Saharan African countries. Season 2 was seen in more than 70 countries worldwide. And according to research carried out by John Hopkins University, over 90% of those who saw ‘Shuga’ said it changed their attitudes about multiple concurrent sexual partners, HIV testing and the stigma associated with HIV/Aids.

I am looking forward to season 3 which is based on Nigeria and directed by Biyi Bandele ( he directed the film adaptation of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel called Half of  Yellow Sun), featuring Tiwa Savage and Chris Attoh. Watch the series on Iroko TV  (founded by Jason Njoku- he also made the ‘100 Most Influential Africans 2013’ list) http://irokotv.com/tv/13/shuga

Time to talk about
sex education. What are you waiting for? Lets do our bit.




  1. I have seen about 3 episodes of this series, those were based on a campus in Nairobi Kenya. It was quite entertaining and informative. It is a must watch for the youth of today. Those of us who led close to reckless lives in our teens and early youth without contacting the dreaded disease should consider ourselves lucky. It note worthy that issues surrounding HIV and AIDS are now being freely discussed in Africa. The era of stereotyping and stigmatising must also come to an end if the continent is ever going to minimise and eventually eradicate this scourge.

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