Okay, many people may not totally agree with me but I had a better experience than I did 3 years ago.
I went for a lost passport replacement. I had been dreading it as it stated on the website that it is always a long, tedious process. I was prepared for the worst.  I carried extra documents with me and I practiced how I would undertake my oath and swear that I am indeed Nigerian of a certain age.

I got there very early and from waiting; being interviewed; waiting again to be called for biometrics, having my biometrics done, was roughly about 4.5 hours.

My interviewer was amazed at how prepared I was and laughed at my thinking I would do a proper swearing of oath (of course I would over prepare as I didn’t want to be rejected and having to book another appointment. My fellow UK Nigerians will understand why).

At the biometric room, the biometric man (I really do not know what they are called); took a look at my old passport photographer on the printed biometric page paper copy, then looked at my passport photographs I had taken with me with the application form, then looked at the picture he just took with the stationary camera placed in front of me. He then said: “Ahann you look different naa in all 3. One na curly perm, the other na Shuku (African hair style aka Croydon facelift) and this one today naa Brazilian”. “Oya pose again make them look a bit alike”. Lolll

After several poses and finger prints; he handed me the collection slip. 27th Dec 2013!!!! For real? I had already prepared a speech on how I needed to go home in Jan and needed my passport before then. I must say that they have surely exceeded my expectations. Well done Mallam/Mr/ Sir Tafida. You made my day.

P.S Over preparing is good at times 🙂 



  1. Haha! You are probably the only Nigerian in England who has left the Nigerian High Commission pleased.
    Good to see they are getting their act together though

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