What does feminism mean to you? Will feminism work in Africa?

This mind boggling word has different connotations and I would like to share what it means to me

To me it does not mean anti men. It’s a shame that a word for women to have an equal voice and value in a society has negative connotations

It means having equal rights. It doesn’t matter what you look like it how you dress. I don’t care if you wear shortest mini shirt and the highest heels- good for you. If you feel amazing about yourself, that’s great . I want to get same job opportunities as a man. That’s all I want.

It is important to know women don’t come second to men and they grow with their own opinions and work ethics. Men must also respect those women who strive to be independent. There is need for men to emotionally provide and offer this kind of support for women who choose to be this way.

To me, feminism is an empowering community that supports me and encourages be to be brave. It is about having choices and being empowered. It is about challenging sexism and misogyny -giving girls and young women the tools to achieve their goals in life and to speak about what they believe in.

It is an empowering word not a word to be scared of.

What are your thoughts?



  1. I think the more women in Africa understand that feminism is about equality not hating men (or even looseness and promiscuity) and when African men understand that feminism will also liberate them from the traditional burdens placed upon them by society(instead of diminish them) then it will naturally thrive. It will become necessary.

    • Indeed I do agree. I am very pro empowerment and I believe feminism in its right connotation will empower women. This will create great leaders and ultimately moves Africa towards the developed world.

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