Nigeria: Lagos Plans DNA Labs to Prosecute Rape


Lagos State Government revealed plans to establish Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid (DNA) and forensic laboratories across the state to address the delay in the resolution of such cases as rape.

Speaking at a forum, Lagos Governor, Babatunde Fashola, explained that lack of such facilities makes it difficult to prove cases of rape and related issues against the accused in the courts of law.

There are currently no DNA labs and inadequate forensic labs to prove cases of rape in court from semen samples.

He said government had thus concluded plans to tackle the problem by building the forensic labs in the state.

It is not certain when such facilities would be set up.

The state government has built a transit home for women who were being abused.

The Governor also emphasized the need for State Police to ensure the protection of the more vulnerable (women and children) members of society.

National incidence of rape almost doubled from 3% in 2011 to 5% in 2013 according to a survey conducted last year.

This is definitely a good step. Hopefully, other state governors will follow suit. 

Copyright CAJ News Agency. Distributed by AllAfrica Global Media


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