“Making long term bets” – Pascal Dozie at TEDxEuston 2013

He is among other roles, co-founder and Partner at African Capital Alliance, founder of Kunoch Limited, founder of Diamond Bank PLC. He also served as the Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Bank Plc., President at the Nigeria Stock Exchange. He serves as a Member of Advisory Board at Kaizen Venture Partners and as the Chairman of MTN Nigeria Communications Ltd. and many more. He combines his experience as a Development Economist and Econometrician, with project management in Africa and Europe. Despite the above, in a country where it is the norm to display wealth and privilege, he is known for his radical simplicity. Mr Pascal Dozie, fondly referred to by his peers as PGD spent his 74th 7th day of the 7th month birthday inspiring the audience at TEDxEuston 2013 with the story of his trail-blazing journey to the top, but reminding us that he did not do it alone: “We created a rising wave that carries everyone along”; the power of the Ripple Effect!!. He pulled no punches in insisting that the driver for Africans in the Diaspora returning home should be to create value.

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